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Apart from world and national news, it is very important to focus state news. The incidents and situations that are taking place in a particular state should be given equal importance as the other. Uttar Pradesh that is up is a state of culture and heritage. Hindi is our national language and the language Hindi is the main language of this state. So delivering up news in Hindi to the people of the state and to the nation plays a very important role. This is a language, which is easy to understand and people can relate with the situation closely. Many Hindi news channels and newspapers are in a competition to provide the latest and current news as fast as possible. Hindi jokes are another section where people can rejuvenate themselves after their heavy work.

Transforming an incident into news in Hindi is not a very tough job because almost ninety percent of people of India are Hindi-speaking people. Common people should realize that our state news and its happenings are equally more important to international news. Various Hindi news channels have their reference number so that the people of a particular state can also raise the voice and thinking on particular issues. Every Indians living in that state or live out Uttar Pradesh, can understand up news in Hindi. They always keep in mind about the news structure and presentation so that everybody can love the news in their own way.

Weather forecast, Hindi jokes, travel and tourism are the other various sections of news where the Hindi media has strong reach. Various Hindi jokes in newspapers and news channels are there to act a mind freshener. Having a different slot and separate column for Hindi jokes in news channels and newspapers respectively, creating a lot of interest among all the sections for their freshness and variety. They are showing a great demand and that is why the media people are also putting their interest to deliver the best of best jokes in Hindi.

With the blessings of technology, the news is not confine to our room only but it has spread to the whole world with just a click. Now people of India living out of India will not face any problem in knowing the news and happenings of India. Hindi news channels and newspapers have come up with their own online news sites that deliver all the news in short time. Many regional newspapers and channels also have their news links so that people of Uttar Pradesh living outside can update themselves with up news in Hindi in no time. Various Hindi jokes along with news are also available online to provide you relax.

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Jiu jiadian deal is expected to seek china’s model regulations promulgated

Present, China’s inside the living electrical implements and electrical gadgets components rubbish counselling system there are two: First, hoarding at houses or strive unit, or sell “appliance recycling guerrillas,” the flow of rural markets; Second, re-sold by low traders “underground very blackness Factory “, a hammer, an outdoor lake shall be adept inside the direction of dismantle the aged electric powered sulfuric acid.

Waste electric exemplifying extra of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and extra six ranges of toxic substances, and extremely improper towards the natural settings and human health.

If you possess an aged computer and an old video inside the direction of deal with, how do widespread Chinese consumers? Thrown away? Cheap sale? TM to? Most Chinese buyers may trust that, regardless the old, but these objects always own dual humble value.

However, servant machines and exerting electronics products, garbage counselling has a number of influence higher on the environment inside Japan and additional countries, household appliances, or whether there is garbage electrical gadgets goods shortage within the direction of be addressed if the scarcity inside the direction of instantaneous the recovery of the businesswoman bodies, but inside taping by buyers paid towards the recovery of a decisive recovery of the cost.

Recently, China Huaxing Group, Huaxing Group, a subsidiary of Environmental Protection Industry Development Co., Ltd. (the “China Star green”) Vice President Wang Jun inside the direction of the “First Financial Daily” commented that the former go led by the National Development and Reform Commission towards formulate a ” Waste electrical and electrical instruments profit recycling justice “(” the Ordinance “) within the direction of search the attitudes across the nation subsequent numerous than pair years, is potentially towards be formally withdrawn towards the top morning next year and the mandatory implementation.

However, the “regulations” of China as before long as the implementation of rubbish electrical and exerting electronics goods processing revolution shall stem how the model?

Treatment punishments as conditioned houses tools in China, likened with the quite reduced foreign and Chinese buyers at present is arduous to excuse payment for electronic waste, therefore, disposed actual estate implements and electronic products in China sell with a require to trace the “China model.”

Suning mode benevolent societies Huaxing Suning Beijing bureau of biological defences has already waved a “recycling of garbage machines strategic adopt structure agreement.” The accordance can be perceived as the “China model” useful exploration.

The 2 sides agreed: causing from January next year, Suning Beijing office shall be on a monthly preparation the “TM” organised of abandon to the China Star biological disposal of residing appliances, this is the former genuine estate tool retailers and processing enterprises by the Joint establishment of sewer property devices recycling system.

Su Ning, vice president, North China’s executive head Fan Zhijun introduction of handling Road, initiating from next January, any client can be any Jiu Jiadian to 28 in Beijing Suning warehouses any one, then customers in the entry When rewarding for real estate appliances store, Suning shall grant consumers a priced compensation.

Suning shall be the recovery of Jiu Jiadian to China Star biological protection, ecological defences will be allocated Suning Huaxing a fee. “However, as China Star environmental finance are limited, so, in the sewage home appliances recycling system, Suning is entirely a give towards the top of party, would misplace some hurrying profits.” Fan Zhijun said.

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The in writing information originate that China has transferred into the home machine and electronics scrap out of the peak.

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Pakistani government national prize bonds investment saving scheme proved nightmare for me

I have been investing in Pakistani government national prize bonds investment saving scheme for last twenty years in the hope of any big prize. However, all our family dreams proved nightmare. Our investment of 500,000 rupees in the form of national prize bonds did not bring any prize for last one year. It is the left money of all life time savings of my late father and mine. We are amazed that we did not win a single prize in this draw of 1500 rupees prize bonds despite having 332 prize bonds. Even principles of probability explain that I should have won at least one to two prizes from 332 prize bonds. However, we replaced them with 64 bonds of 7500 rupees each. We are strengthening national government expenditure by investing our hard earn money while government officials have luxurious expenditures. Government officials and politicians have been looting national exchequer for decades. I have learnt by experience that we did get any big prize because we have no near relative in high government official. Therefore I have been deprived of many of my fundamental rights. Many people think that favorites win prizes. Yet our family always purchases prize bonds in the hope of big prize. People double their money in business in few years. So, government should care about its investors. From my services I do not get money for children education in good institutions, costly medicines and any tourism at all. One other important consideration is security of prize bonds. It can be snatched. Government can provide token numbers for the purpose of security. We keep our prize bonds in a bank locker of Allied Bank of Pakistan main branch at Napier road, Lahore. We purchase or replace bonds from State Bank, Lahore or ABL. Sometimes we purchase bonds from any dealer shop near State Bank of Pakistan. There should be any security during transportation. Prize bonds draw numbers were neither random numbers nor computerized. However, they might be pre-configured numbers. You can check these numbers yourself. No one can accept these numbers as random numbers. It looks that friends having any particular serial of numbers are awarded with gifts. Please do not distribute prizes in family and friends. It is manually prepared list. Our family is in shock due to inconceivable losses in my investments which we made in stock exchange and Bahria Town. This loss is so striking and unexpected that it looks that someone snatched our money from our pockets. We need financial support at this stage since this loss is due to bad economy of the country. Unfortunately our poverty increased and purchasing power decreased. All world governments provide support to ravaged sectors but no support is provided to us. My five years peaceful struggle did not bring any fruit. Our deprivation did not end even in the tenure of present government. My services for the humanity and nation and request of prayer. Many nobles and leaders responded to my request of prayer for our family that our family win big prize in the prize bonds scheme. They and their follower gave me message of their prayers. Even people of other religions sent me message regarding their prayers about us. These prayers did not let us win any big prize but provided us some financial resources. Noble people say that prayers have great effect however these prayers have not been proving effective for many years. You can also consider a test for the effectiveness of prayers. I hope these great people’s prayers will prove fruitful one day. I have heavy investment of Rs. 480,000 in government saving prize bonds scheme. Please note that it is heavy for us being lifetime saving but it is very little amount for rich people. We have 64 prize bonds of Rs. 7500 each. This prize bonds draw will take place on August 02, 2010 at Faisalabad. Today I checked my 64 prize bonds of 7,500 rupees and as usual found no prize. I do not know why government of Pakistan never share hundreds of billions of rupees which they print for themselves. Sharing prosperity is very important concept. However, our family once again went to State Bank, Lahore and replaced them with 640 prize bonds of 750 rupees. All packets were broken numbers. Each packet contains 100 prize bonds. Numbers in serial sell at higher rates privately in black market. They get these serial number packets from Bank employees. One ABL staff member replaced our one packet with serial number packet.. Now prize bonds draw will take place on October 15, 2010 at Karachi. I have been asking noble people for prayer for last twenty years but none of the prayer worked. But as people say that we should not be discouraged by the blessings of God and keep trying. Therefore once again I ask good people for prayers for our winning any big prize in the prize bonds scheme. Today on October 16, 2010, I checked my 670 prize bonds and only found one small prize. During these months we spent our time in hope and ended in despair. Prayers efficacy is not proved in this case. This is happening for last twenty years. Sometimes we win equivalent prize. I wonder who win prizes? government official’s relatives or friends? It was one of the worst list I have ever seen. By my experience I can safely declare it manipulated and I am deliberately kept deprived from prize. I also learnt a bitter fact that no one help unless he or she is your close relative or getting some benefits from you.

People double their money in business in few years but we are very simple family. Value of rupee is decreasing day by day against foreign currencies including US dollar. Few years ago one US dollar was equivalent to 60 Pakistani rupees but now one US dollar is almost equivalent to 87 Pakistani rupees. In such circumstances only fools will invest in Pakistani national prize bonds scheme. So, government should care about its investors. From my services I do not get money for children education in good institutions, costly medicines and any type of tourism even local outings with children despite children pleas. I need your prayers. Unfortunately our poverty increased and purchasing power decreased. All world governments provide support to ravaged sectors but no support is provided to us. My five years peaceful struggle did not bring any fruit. Our deprivation did not end even in the tenure of present government. Our family has tremendous prospects of growth. We spend almost as much as we earn. We want to purchase huge numbers of items which are required by our family needs and my professional growth. Hence our prosperity is beneficial for many businesses, groups and people. Rich Tahir Jamil can work more for the humanity, people and nations. All my time is spent in financial worries and works. I have no time to read newspapers, listen News permanently or read other people column. Life should not be like this that we always remain worried about our economic and financial needs. I deserve prayers for my winning due to many valid reasons. I am investing in national prize bonds scheme for decades yet I get very little money as compared with the profits that people got from other businesses and investments with an equal amount of investment. I suffered heavy lose in my investment in Bahria Town and I deserve compensation. I have a lot of services for the humanity in many multidimensional fields including social welfare, peace, poverty reduction and tolerance. Due to my years long role in controlling of terrorism, violence and crimes, many incidences of violence might be stopped. Although practically I played a little role, but being a writer and policy advisor and good public debater, I am help in formulating policies and decision making besides providing inspirational and motivational force.
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Learn More About The Registration Process Of Mostbet India Betting Site

Mostbet India is one of the leading platforms providing the services of online casinos and sports betting in India. It has been successfully running the site for over a decade now. This is one of the famous online sports and casino platforms that now works in over 93 countries globally. This site allows the users from the different countries to place the bet on sports like football, basketball, tennis and many more.

You can also find online casino games on Mostbet India. There is a huge range of games that will interest you in playing it. The games are more fun and thrilling, which everyone wants to play to hit the jackpot. These games can earn you a pretty handsome amount of money by gambling your money at some risk.

The registration to this site is very easy and free of cost.

Types of Bets at Mostbet

  • Esports – The app provides the opportunity to bet on the different esports present in the world. Esports are now a current trend and are becoming very famous throughout the world. E-sports has several advantages such as it can be played sitting at home with comfort and the vast number of people can watch the game at a time and does not have any restriction. Thus people prefer to watch and bet on esports.
  • Toto – Here in this type, there is a lottery game where many people can participate. The game is to guess the results of a total of 15 matches. People can win the money on correct predictions. The winning amount is then divided into the pool of the people who have won this bet.
  • Live Bet – The live sports are also open for the people to place the bet. It attracts a lot of bettors as people find this section thrilling and exciting enough to risk their money. People can even watch live games and can be updated with every situation of the game. This can help them place the right bet to increase the chance of winning.
  • Casino – People on Mostbet also get the advantage of having the casino games on a single platform. This is really helpful as people get all the games of a real casino on the Mostbet. Here you will find online casino games such as slot games, table and card games, and all of the 3D games.

How to Place the Bet at Mostbet?

The players can go to the official site on any of the devices he is using. First, you have to register yourself to confirm your identity. After filling in all the details for registration, you will get your account created on this platform. Then you have to log in to your account to start betting. One thing to take care of is that you will be allowed to bet if you have the funds in the site’s wallet. So don’t forget to transfer the funds you wish to spend on betting.

After all the transfers of funds, the individual should select the right games to start gambling. Choosing a suitable game is crucial as it has an impact on your chances of winning. People then need to look for the odds of the bets to suit their budget. The last step to place the bet is to press the green button with the bet written on it.

This is the way if you want to place the bet on Mostbet. The process is fast and straightforward.

Payment Options

To make the process of transfers of funds smooth while depositing and withdrawing, the company gives almost every method of transferring funds to the sites. However, to withdraw the money from Mostbet, the people need to send the notice before 72 hours of transactions. In India, people can easily withdraw money with the following options.

  • Paytm
  • Bitcoin
  • Maestro
  • EcoPayz
  • Webmoney
  • Visa/ Mastercard

The player from India also gets the convenience of withdrawing the money in different currencies such as the rupee, US dollars, or euros.

Is Mostbet Legal in India?

Yes, it is a legal platform to play online casino games in India. Although some types of games are not legal, the rules are not very clear, and this is why it is safe to play any of the games here. The players or the people should first decide their budget for the day to have a safe bet. This can be helpful for the people to protect from the loss.

Current News to Update Our Knowledge

You can never imagine your busy morning, without a cup of tea and watching your favorite television news channel. Although life is fast moving, but you never miss an opportunity to have a quick glance at the current news. Media and journalism world, today has gain a momentum, whereby he journalists work hard to update us with everything that is happening all around us. All these news are systematically arranged into different divisions, so that can read them conveniently without losing time searching for some of the interesting facts. Different states of the country have their own linguistic news channel?? which updates the citizens with all the latest news and events.

For instance, Bihar news is communicated to people in their official language, Hindi. Viewers can now educate themselves with all the latest Bihar news. Current news keeps you well ahead of every one, and they also keep with updated with all constitutional rights. The job of media personals are very challenging and demanding, where they work hard to keep their viewers updated with all the national and international news. Every state has their news channel, which mainly update their people with their State affairs. Bihar news mainly consists of all the important updates about the state and educates people about their rights, news that may impact their lives, and many others.

All the latest Bihar news mainly consists of many informative contents, which is useful for all the people. A student, who is preparing himself/herself for a competitive exam, may be on a national level or state level. Local newspaper and television channels provide them with all the information they may need to clear these exams with flying colors. Today, media has emerged as one of the strongest medium through which, common man can express his disagreement or consensus against different policies or price rise. Media is of the easiest methods where you can talk about injustice, your opinion, or can support a cause reason. You may always prefer reading current news on topics like economics, sports, entertainment, and many others. Bihar is a state which is known to rich in culture and many natural resources like iron, coal, and others. Bihar news is always impressive and attractive as they talk about various development opportunities the state offers. Latest Bihar news consists of all the important and latest updates which includes cultural, social, economical, and other developmental information.

Officials Say Nine People Died

Such cooperation helped save Ed Larson, one of the victims cut down by a wall of shrapnel kicked up when the Galloping Ghost, a souped-up WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane, crashed into the VIP section Friday, disintegrating over a two- to three-acre area.Metal fragments and wreckage hit Larson, 59, in the head and back and legs, shredding his calf and severing his Achilles tendon. He was knocked unconscious but came to as he was being loaded on a transport helicopter.”All I saw was a real coordinated effort,” Larson said from a wheelchair at Renown Regional Medical Center, which handled 36 of the most severely injured patients, including two who died. Amid the horrific aftermath of the nation’s deadliest air racing disaster, a crash that killed nine and sent about 70 people to Reno-area hospitals, a sort of calm pervaded.Tweet Be the first to Tweet this!ShareThis Witnesses were spattered with blood and pieces of flesh, yet video of the scene shows paramedics, police and spectators attending to the wounded with a control that seems contradictory to the devastation.

Officials and those in the tightly-knit air racing community credit not only a detailed plan for just such a crash, but the type of people at the event: pilots, veterans and others accustomed to dealing with a high-pressure situation. The carnage left even seasoned emergency room surgeons and rescue workers shaken.”This is the worst I’ve seen,” said Dr. Mike Morkin, the emergency services director at Renown. He did his trauma training at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and helped in the aftermath of Chicago’s Paxton Hotel fire that killed 19 people in 1993. Yet he said he had never seen so many patients with such severe injuries at one time.Paramedics, police and firefighters, hospitals and event organizers had drilled for such a disaster, some just hours earlier.

Doctors, nurses and military veterans from the crowd volunteered their services to emergency crews, said Reno Fire Battalion Chief Tim Spencer, a 29-year veteran who has worked at the air races for 27 years. Those without medical skills helped firefighters transport the injured.”It wasn’t uncommon to see one firefighter and three people in civilian clothes carrying a litter to the proper area” for evacuation, Tim Spencer said. “Everybody pulled together perfectly and worked side by side.”
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Good Marijuana Magazine Will Keep You Informed

Have you ever asked yourself that what is the main objective of any marijuana magazine? Or say, what is the main purpose of any magazine? Well, the answer is quite simple. The main purpose of any book is to keep its readers informed through latest information and any kind of recent developments. So if it’s a marijuana magazine it should have all the recent marijuana news in it. The recent marijuana news may include many things in it. For example, if any state of America legalizes the use of cannabis then it can be a very significant piece of information for every American, especially for the people of that specific state. The marijuana news can also provide details on recent legal issues and development associated with cannabis. For example, if any law pertaining to medical cannabis goes through some kind of amendment or change, then every high standard and reputed marijuana magazine will definitely cover it. A good marijuana magazine covers every kind of news including the political, legal or medical news associated with medical cannabis.

As we all know that cannabis has always been an issue of controversy all over America and the research on this drug is still continued. From time to time scientists keep on discovering something new about this drug. All such discovered data and conclusions of research are published by the any respected marijuana magazine. Having a cannabis dispensary in the nearby area is also a very important factor for those who need medical cannabis as a part of their regular physical treatment. If any legalized dispensary opens up at a new place, it finds a detailed coverage in the cannabis journal. The owners of reputed journals understand that what their readers look for in their copy and that’s why they pour information which is unique, new and impressive.

The journals related to cannabis use simple and easy language so that people do not face any type of difficulty in understanding it. The most interesting part of these cannabis periodicals is that they provide with certain recipes also. These recipes are not some common recipes but they are the ones into which the medical cannabis is induced into the edibles. Patients love to read about these recipes and even try these interesting recipes at their own. Any good journal related to cannabis provides a variety of cannabis information. The readers who want to know about this miraculous drug and the patients who are going through the treatment of cannabis love to mug up this variety of information which they find easily in one good mag.

Get Discounted Wsj Subscription Online

Several people are aware of the Wall Street journals. There are specific reasons for which people like this journal. Some people wish to know about the happenings around the world and some want to have a decisive viewpoint in terms of business or political matters. This journal deals with all the aspects of today’s life and provides great deal of information. Definitely, WSJ is worth your money and time. It is a lot more interesting and attractive, if you get the WSJ subscription online for less or on discounted price. Even if you are a casual reader, you have several wonderful things to read. Everything is of interest for a devoted reader on the other side. Discounted edition is always admirable.

There are several awesome ways through which one can get discounted edition of the wall street journal. You will definitely be able to get best news at best price. You just need to make a wonderful exploration online. Well, if you want to get WSJ print and digital pack, you can save 50% for sure. With this super savvy pack, you will just have to pay $4.99 per week. Along with that you will also get 8 free weeks. Then there is also a print journal pack where you have to pay $3.99 per week and get 4 weeks print free. In case you are a student then the best way to get discount on your WSJ subscription online is to mention yourself as student.

There are three different forms of subscriptions available for college and high school students. These all packs are quite less in price as compared to the average pack price. You must take the advantage if you fall in this category. There is choice for the long time subscribers too. What is that? First you can save 50% on the journal of initial 13 weeks and after that you can receive renewal for one year at $200. In this price, you will be getting the newspaper at the cost of $3.49 per week. Another mode of saving on the wsj subscription online is that you should go for both print and online editions all together in one pack. If you wish to apply for this combine pack, you just need to pay $175 with which the subscriber will also get the journal free for four weeks more. Free of cost reading is also available. For that, you have to make the WSJ site believe that you have been referred by a site such as Digg or Google.

Palam Vihar Posh Address But Living is a Let Down

A SPRAWLING township under a private builder, which is mostly inhabited by retired defence personnel and equal number of ladies and kids alike, does not have much to offer when it comes to basic infrastructure. The contrast between reality and what’s advertised is best exemplified by advertisements by property dealers who promote Palam Vihar as “well-planned, hi-tech, maintained housing area, great area.” But the Ansals, who are responsible for its maintenance, along with local municipal bodies have a lot to answer as far as standard of living is considered when it comes to 21st century living. When approached Vice President Sunil Kumar Yadav of the Residents Welfare Association of Ansal’s Palam Vihar, to elucidate on where Palam Vihar was falling short, the Vice President said that quality of civic infrastructure was affecting quality of life of the residents of Palam Vihar. Mr. Yadav lamented that inspite of giving a detailed account of what the resident’s welfare association and the residents needed, the Ansals Group has not paid any heed to their requisitions. In a city where crime rate is high, housing societies and tax-paying citizens expect that at least basic law and order is taken care of and they don’t have to worry about what would happen the next time they go out, or leave their house for a few days.

The RWA representative claims that 700 acres is what Palam Vihar is spread across and there should be a minimum of 100 guards to provide adequate security. The reality is that builders and their contractors do not even have 30 guards in total. Adding to the woes is the dilapidated condition of the guard rooms, which mostly stays inhabited with broken main entrances. Meanwhile, the residents of Palam Vihar also express concern about safety, cleanliness, and the situation of power, which is negatively affecting the quality of life of the residents. A retired professor said that the Palam Vyapar Kendra, which is a central shopping location in Palam Vihar, is very unkempt and dirty.

He further added that cases of thievery have been very frequent and unfortunately he himself was a victim when he went abroad with his family. Then there are stray animals, which give residents the jitters. Residents and shopkeepers spoken to said that frequent power cuts is affecting students, professionals, housewives, senior citizens and entreprenuers. For a supposedly well-planned area, Palam Vihar needs much more planning and execution in terms of co-ordinating with local municipal bodies and state government machinery in order to provide civic infrastructure that matches the expanse of the ‘posh’ area. After all, what good are tall buildings, mansions, schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes if they run on generators; no guards who can ensure security; thieves who can push off with your new car; and grime and rubbish strewn right opposite marble entrance.

Christian Orthodox Funeral For My Grandma

It is often tough for us to arrange for the funeral ceremonies of our closest persons. Nevertheless, you need to follow by some harsh realities at certain points of your life. I felt these facts from inside when my dearest grandma passed away last month. Being an orphan, I had grown up in hands of my grandma who had never let me feel the dearth of my parents. Maybe she had been my grand mom and our age difference was huge, she was more like a close friend to me. Seeping her death was extremely upsetting for me. However, I thought what I could do best for her is to arrange for a Christian orthodox funeral ceremony for the peace of her soul. In my entire life, I have hardly seen such a religious fellow like my grandma. There could be barely a Sunday on which she failed to visit her nearby church. Hence, an orthodox cremation ceremony might be the right kind of burial, as I thought. I was not ever aware of the customs of Christian funerals. I had lost my parents long back, and I could not even remember how they departed this poor world.

However, I believe that my grandma had arranged for a perfect cremation for them when both of them lost their lives in a road accident. My bringing up has been in a liberal environment. My grandma had never tried to enforce any religious belief on me. Arranging for the Christian burial for me therefore was a kind of big challenge when she passed away. If you have the experience of arranging funeral for any of your close one, you may feel it better how tough it is. For me, my grandma was everything. From sharing my college gossips to enjoying movies together, what not I have done with grandma! She was leaving me forever. It was a very very tough situation for me, but I needed to arrange for the perfect orthodox funeral in respect for her. For a couple of hours, I was at a loss but then I realize that I should wake up and go for the best arrangements possible for the dearest person of my life. I thought it better to call for the nearby church father and his companions to take charge of the funeral.

Even though shocked at the news, they agreed happily to arrange the same for her. The orthodox funerals Sydney, if you know are a thorough process. Roman Catholic burials are hugely different from the Protestants. It was not possible for me to look after everything. After all, I needed to receive the guests as well. Therefore, I contacted a funeral home too for making the cremation ceremony a satisfying one. In short, I took care so that my grandma receives the best sort of orthodox funeral that she had yearned throughout her life. I believe, now her soul rest in peace somewhere. It also lets me feel better that I have performed my responsibilities to my grandma correctly.