Excellent Fusion Tables tutorial

Patricia Carbajales, Geospatial Manager at the Branner Earth Sciences Library at Stanford University, explains step by step how to use Fusion Tables using a data set about Mexico Drug Murders created by The Guardian.


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Intro to R

Jacob Fenton from the Sunlight Foundation taught a hands-on training session this morning about R at the IRE conference

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Link to tutorials and presentations on working with data

Tools, Slides and Links from NICAR12.
Link: http://www.chryswu.com/blog/2012/02/22/tools-slides-and-links-from-nicar12/

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Using Tableau Public to visualize the US Aid since 1949

I used Tableau Public during a workshop today at the IRE conference in St. Louis to play with the same data set Leonid and I used during our first R experiment. These are the results:

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My first adventure with data exploration

Open source program R is widely used by statisticians because is a very powerful tool to deal with large data sets. I am exploring ways with the help of Leonid Pekelis to make it better known and easier to use among journalists.
Here is a preview of the results of our first experiment. We plan to include a step by step explanation soon.

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