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Name of the Group: Donkey Versus Elephant $

Theme: Cause → Effect → $ → Election Dynamics → Congratulations Mr. President

Team: Rohan Mittal, Claudia Nunez, Altaf Kandi, Dr. KRS Murthy


Big data is available from various government agencies and variety of social networks. This data could be used for cause → analysis to develop fish bone, fish eye and scenario analysis for understanding and leveraging on election dynamics. Each citizen of USA can be characterized and profiled with various parameters, that include, for example, age, demographics, education, profession and few more to identify the relationship with their the voting and campaign donation. Special interest groups, media and external national and international factors also influence the cash donation banks and vote banks that affect elections.

Big data analysis techniques will be an important tool in leveraging on cause – effect sensitivity analysis in the upcoming elections. Our team has developed a concept demonstration to be presented during the Datafest 2012 event.

The presentation can be viewed here.

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