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Team: Alonzo Wilkins, Saghar Tamaddon, Rosie Cima, Prashant Mehta, Ryan Dan

We're making an app to visualize the connections between industries, the politicians they fund, and the bills on which those politicians vote. . The backend of our app connects campaign finance data to the voting records of individual politicians, and then uses information from Maplight's API to filter some of those results.


This is a schematic of three screens of our application. Bills are yellow, politicians are red and blue, industries are grey: the darker, the more money contributed.

The first is if the user is has selected to view a bill. The politicians that voted for the bill and recieved the most contributions from interested parties are on the left, and those who voted against are on the right. Those interested parties are flanking them on either side.

The middle is if the user selects to view a politician. You can see on their left the industries that have contributed the most to them, and on their right, their voting record for and against on bills either supported or opposed by their contributors.

The bottom schematic shows what happens if a user visualizes an industry. The app displays the politicians he's contributed to on the right.

On any screen, you can click any element (politician, industry, or bill) to switch to a screen that focuses on it.


This is a screenshot of the app as we've designed it. We have a working front-end, but are still sorting out the intricacies of the database.

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