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Name of Project: Tracking Lockheed Martin's Web of Influence.

  • Team Members: Jaeah Lee, Hannah Levintova, Ludi Rehak, Jeff Ubois, Spencer Maccoll, Anurag Upadhyay, Namkyu Ryoo
  • Description: Our goal is to uncover the patterns and strategies that corporations use to influence legislation. As a case study we examine Lockheed Martin's political efforts. Specifically, we analyze the political connections, financial contributions to politicians, lobbyists activity, particular bills it lobbies, SEC filings, and government contracts it has been awarded. We are interested in automating the data gathering process and presenting it in an accessible and visually pleasing format.
  • Prize Categories: Best Visualization, Insight

Main Findings:

Lockheed Martin Investigations:

PAC Ranking 2012: #6 out of all Organizations / #1 among Defense Aerospace Industry

Donated to 72% of sitting Congressmen / Gave maximum contribution to 20% of all Congressmen

Lobby Ranking 2012: #19 overall / #2 Among Defense Aerospace Industry

Percentage of Revolving Door Lobbyists: 67% (Industry Average 63%)

Percentage of Revenue from US Government 2012: 81.7%

American Employees - 116,850 (Union Membership 17,527)

Top Product: F-35 Lightening II Joint Strike Fighter Jet – 13% of all 2011 Sales

-Sources: - bill data, PAC contributions, Thomas - Vote and Co-Sponsors

Lockheed 1.png Lockheed 2.png Lockheed 3.png Lockheed 4.png Lockheed 5.png

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