How to Establish Your Career as a Part Time Journalist?

Journalism is an exciting career. However, there are many people who are not able to do it on a full time basis. If you are a part time journalist, there is a lot that you can do to enhance your career. As much as it requires natural talent and passion to succeed in journalism, there is a lot that you can do to increase your chances of success. First, it is important to get your stories out thereand you can only do this by establishing the right contacts. You need to be actively involved in journalism even if you are just doing it part time. For instance, you can request your local or the upcoming media outlet in your area to give you a part time job. Present to them some of the stories that you have done before. Let them know why you are going to be a valuable asset in their company. As a freelance journalist, you also need to ensure that you gain access to some of the high profile events taking place in your area. Getting a press pass to attend these events can be very tricky. However, you need to cover these stories if you want your name to be recognized in the industry soon enough. So what is the one way of ensuring that you gain access to some of the most restricted events? You can choose to be a part of an organization for media experts which offer lots of benefits to members.

The International Association of Press Photographers allows journalists to develop their careers by offering them press passes, press discounts and other great benefits when they become members. For a start, becoming a member of such an organization will ensure that you reach a larger audience. Additionally, organizations like IAPP will offer you a press discount. This means that, you will gain lots of discounts in organizations that recognize IAPP members. You can also get great avenues to sample your work for free and get published in popular media outlets. This organization has proper contacts with industry experts making it easy for you to get interviews and research on various stories. Organizations like IAPP are not politically affiliated. The organization only receives its funding from membership fees.

There is no government grant that is used in funding in the organization which is why it is considered to be completely independent. This means that, asfreelance journalist, you will be able to express yourself without the fear of intimidation, which is supported by your own organization. You can get a lot of support when you want to research on various topics especially if it concerns the freedom of the press. The organization has experts who are willing and ready to answer any questions regarding the press. You will also be able to save on cash when you visit one of the organizations that allow you to get a press discount. In essence, joining this organization can add value to your journalism career in a significant way.

Stop Paying For The Little Things

We often pay for too many things we don't really need-and as we know, it's the little things that add up! Find out what these things are and cut your expenses and save a little more money in the process. Bottled Water A small bottle of water costs 10-15 Pesos. If you consume 7 bottles of water a day for one year, you're spending as much as P38,325! Why pay for bottled water when you can invest in water filter/purifier that you can use at home? Besides, tap water is the closest thing to free. Books With the help of technology and the internet, you can now download books online. These e-books are less expensive than the ones you buy in bookstores. If you're patient enough to look for more websites, you can even download these e-books for free! And if you're not too comfortable with reading books online, you can always visit the local library. Or, why not talk to other book-loving friends, so you can borrow each other's books every so often? Movie theaters Watching movies in movie theaters can be expensive.

You not only pay for the movie itself, but you also spend on food, gas/fare and parking. Wait until the movie comes out on DVD or TV. Watching at home can be more fun especially if you do it with the whole family. Expensive dates If you want an inexpensive date, cut out the alcohol. You might also want to cook dinner for your significant other-a much cheaper option than going out to a fancy restaurant. Let's say the average date is about P2,000 per couple-this includes food, transportation and parking.

Going out just once a week for an entire year can cost you P104,000! You may not decide to cut your expenses on all of these things, but if you pick just a few items from this list, you could save a substantial amount of money which you can use for more important things. For more useful tips, read Lenddo Tips: Things You Can Live Without. Lenddo is an online community that helps its members build their credibility, gain financial knowledge and get access to loans. Did we fail to mention some important things in the article? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Buy Online African Newspapers And Stay Updated With Latest Stories

The technology has allowed the daily printed newspapers to directly compete with television and other journalism broadcasting means. Earlier, people had to wait till morning to get information on what was happened the evening before. With the emergence of Internet, a variety of online newspapers are accessible through newsstands which are updated many times a day. The greatest advantage readers can enjoy is the easy availability and accessibility of the latest stuff. They can be accessed easily using your personal computer or smart phone. The power of the web can not be underestimated, and it is so influential that most of the people prefer to ready or buy newspapers from online newsstands. You can read online African newspapers without any inconvenience as everything now is on your fingertips.

Now every news has been given a digital platform and this democracy have given the freedom to the distracted thoughts. Whether it be top headlines related to politics, sports, religion, or an editorial part, there is something for everyone. It is quite challenging to find newspapers of your motherland in other countries, but you still have an option to go online and get them. People can now get all the news, updates and information by buying or reading newspapers online. The chances of getting a local newspaper are more when you search for it online. Online newspapers have kept things in a proper and timely manner to provide an outstanding reading experience to the readers. They are always kept up to the date to keep readers informed about latest developments. Compared with the cost of traditional ones, online newspapers offer cost advantage to those people who are interested in keeping themselves up-to-date. It contains detailed information on entertainment, sports events, political news, lifestyle and health. Separate sections are dedicated to different sections like economics, business, sports, etc. Besides these are editorial and specific pages, having featured stuff and subjective reviews about various events. You can also read reviews and download your favorite content.

Nowadays, a countless number of online newspapers are marking their presence in the global market. Most printed versions also have their online versions allowing readers to access any stuff from any quarter of the world. There are a lot of websites that provide a clear categorization as per your preferred language. Thus, readers can easily get the newspaper of their choice without any difficulty. Monotony and dullness of printed newspapers has been totally changed by the online newsstands. With such websites, readers can anytime browse through the pages and read only those pages which seems to be interesting.